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Sabina Ahuja is a passionate student of life with dreams to travel, wake up with absolute happiness, go to work at the job she loves and like many women’s dreams – to fall in love and stay in a healthy loving relationship. Sabina started the journey of her career in journalism, events management and hospitality. She recently took a leap of faith to pursue her inner dream to help men and women transform their lives as she has. Sabina shares her love & light through Yoga, Angel Card Reading and Reiki.

Her true journey of transformation began in 2013, when she had undergone an ovarian surgery; she felt strongly in her heart that it was beyond the physical body. Seeking for answers and a holistic approach to heal her body, mind and soul, Sabina discovered Reiki, a form of hands on energy healing which led her to a deep understanding of herself and transformed significantly from inside out. As she heals her inside, her outside world healed too. Whenever she faces any difficulties, sickness and harsh situations in life, she now choose to handle it differently than she previously did after all every day is a new day to learn something new and to do something we have never done before.

As an avid yoga practitioner since the age of 19, she started fusing this beautiful art of energy healing in her own yoga practice for her total well-being. Connecting the dots between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, she understood her limitations, her fears and ways to overcome them through yoga, Reiki and many more modalities that she learns and still learning. Very much like life, Sabina believes that in yoga, we are learning something new about our body and we have many stages to go through before we can master a pose.

She now teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Flow with application of energy healing, essential oils, affirmations and crystals. No class is ever the same; every session offers an opportunity for the students to transform, explore and embrace themselves. As her goal is to help you let go of negativity, embrace and strengthen their body and simply flow with love, she designs and tailor made the sequence to fit the group or individual’s energy.

Sabina currently offers Reiki, Distant Reiki Energy, Angel Card Reading and Yoga classes on a daily basis.

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