The Greatest Wealth is Your Health & Happiness

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The greatest wealth is your health.

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Make Your Health a Priority

Yoga, Reiki & Crystal Therapy

There is no better time to invest in your health than now. More scientific research have proven that the best way to take care of our well-being is to connect the body with our mind. Yoga, Reiki & Crystal Therapy Session are one of the amazing tools we can use to get that deeper connection with our miraculous body.

Why choose Sabina?

Experienced. Personalized. Grow.

Sabina have an extensive experience in teaching yoga and offering holistic healing modalities. Recognized in the community for her personalized approach to fit your body and needs, guiding you to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle inside out.

Holistic Service

Sabina offers various holistic modalities for your total well-being including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Oracle Card Reading as well as various Yoga styles as below:

Hatha Flow
Contemporary Hatha sequence ideal for beginner & intermediate students for a perfect balance of strength & flexibility.
Fertility Flow
Yoga is an amazing exercise to release stress, boost fertility and balance your hormone. Let this yoga practice relax your body & mind as you journey to conceive.
Pre & Post Natal
Bond with your body, baby & breath with this nurturing Pre & Post Natal Vinyasa class. An experience like no other.
Partner Flow
Yoga with your partner and loved ones can be one of the most amazing experience. Build a connection and transform together through breathe & movement.

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