Funky Services from the Heart


I grew up with a dream of being a singer, I must have been 3 years old at that point by the time I was 10, I wanted to heal the world Michael Jackson style. Veterinarian was my second vivid dream and I carried this dream throughout my high school years but with my love-hate relationship with science and biology, I ended up doing my third favorite things – writing, talking and pretty much just being me, myself and I.

While the industry of my work changes, my career has always involved around writing, speaking and being very creative. I am a Marketing & Public Relations Specialist and until recently, I have also started living my childhood dream of healing the world perhaps in a more progressive way through the art of Reiki and my new found passion Angel Oracle Cards.

I am no better than you or anyone else in what I do but I do it with passion and from the heart and that is what gets me to where I am today. So here I am offering funky services from the heart – a perfect cup of strategy & spirituality.

You can also read about my crazy adventure, love life, relationships and random thoughts on my blog.

I currently offer freelance Marketing & Public Relations / Events Management services, Angel Card Readings &Reiki.

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