When I heard that Kaskade was coming in Bangkok, there was no way I was going to miss out on the father of chill-out music! With his hit tracks like, “It’s you, it’s me,” “Sweet love,” and that track I repeated on my iPod, “Be Still,” there’s no doubt that the wooers of House music was lined up at Escudo, Thonglor last night.

Kaskade doing his thing.

You may have seen Escudo more packed but you have never seen Escudo (the renovated version that is!) that happening! I am talking about people from young to old singing their heart out to songs like “Lovestoned,” yes Justin, they were singing your song, the remix version!

And let’s not forget the Smirnoff special cocktails that are oh-so-cheap! I winded up with this drink called, “Hello Kitty,” it may sound like a drink for the five year old girl but the taste is far beyond little miss pink Kitty! The bucket in Escudo reminded us of Culture One party and some of my friends took the bucket home as the souvenir for Kaskade’s appearance in Bangkok.

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