Mission Possible

My mission to get out of my comfort zone is definitely progressing. Having been working out at the gym, hardcore style, I decided last week that it was time to take my very little skill on the machine off to the pavement. I headed to East Coast Park, one of my favorite spots in Singapore and jog by the man made sea. I must say, jogging on the pavement is a lot of hardwork! I have never heard my heart beat so clearly before and boy, I literally felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest. Jogging, checked.

To top my mission of getting out of the comfort zone, I decided to go for the Pub Quiz eventhough quizzes are not exactly my best friend but I figured why not. A place to meet new people and exercise the brain so if you love quizzes then pop by at Old Brown Shoe on Bukit Timah Road on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Bring your crew, the maximum is 6 people per team and each has to pay SGD5 which is quite reasonable. Pub quiz, checked.

With just one week before I gracefully turn 26, I can already feel all the good things coming my way. One new adventure is the fact that I got into the internship program at Ideaverse as a Business Development Executive. Hello, new things, what’s next?

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Head of Events, PR, and Marketing at Bed Supperclub.

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