Beyond Silver Lining Birthday

One of the conversations I couldn’t forget was the recent one I had with my mentor slash party diva on age and the process of aging during his short trip to Singapore. The best advice he gave me was to value my time after 25 because really, it’s a fast forward now, and next thing I know I will wake up at 30 and wonder where all the years went. To add a little sparkle, he said people like us never get older but more fabulous.

I had a classic 5am night followed by a major hung over the morning after, I gracefully turned 26 nonetheless. I know this sounds like out of the fairy tale book you find in the children section but I felt like the cloud disappeared, that confusion I had, that insecurity, worries, and those unsure feeling were lifted. I mean, I was in search for my long lost passion the whole year last year, and I guess whatever I did, the decision to move to Singapore, and the decision to let go of things really brought me back, the me, me that I used to know. Of course, this version of me is without a doubt more focused, mature, and most important of all, peaceful and calm.

On to the birthday gift, the best of 2011 would be Miss S who flew in to stay with me for 4 days. Reminded me of our good old days, partying the Hed Kandi style, and my barefoot behavior, and other drama I normally do. I guess somethings never change, I suppose that would be my never ending story telling and high pitch voice combined with enthusiasm. Miss S is what I would call, my balance 🙂

Hello, 26, bring me fortune, health, wealth, happiness, love, and endless passion. My enthusiasm, energy, and excitement shall remain with me regardless of how old or young I am 😉

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