Cycling to Desaru, Malaysia

The past three weekends has been healthier than ever, I cycled in Pulau Ubin, East Coast Park to Changi Village and back, then there’s the ultimate challenge of cycling from Pengarang to Desaru, Malaysia in which I can proudly say, I have completed the 100KM trip.

Pengarang, Malaysia is just a 1 hour boat ride away from Changi Village Ferry Terminal, the fare is SGD12 one way. To rent a bike for the 2 day trip, you can visit bike stores near the hawker center in Changi Village, the rental cost about SGD20 and SGD2.5 for the helmet. A caution, however, is that the line to get into the boat is long, we arrived at 7am but with the line, we departed at 10am.

What I learn from the trip is that our body will continue to amaze you, it adapts so fast, and next thing you, cycling is manageable. It is tiring, without a doubt, especially when we were under the sun, the heat and riding up one hill after another but your body adapts. It’s almost like there’s a potential hidden in all of us, it’s just waiting to be unleashed at the right time and the right activity.

I must say, this trip was a trip that refreshes my mind, to smell the air so fresh, cycling pass greenery, palm trees, overlooking the sea. I haven’t seen cows since forever and of course, you cannot see animals anywhere in Singapore, besides the zoo, so I was quite happy to see the cows, they made me realize how much I have been longing to be surrounded by nature.

We arrived at The Pulai Desaru Beach Hotel, soaked in sweat, swam, played Monopoly, and had a sober chillin’ session, which was a bit of change for me and fun, nonetheless. Love the waves at Desaru beach, the sunrise was breathtaking, the whole trip was a challenge, and a learning experience that I’ll remember.

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