Three years ago, I start up this blog, followed my passion of writing, worked in a few leading magazines, little money, yet the happiest girl in the world. And then I got lost, in a city that is so vibrant, so alive, and while there are so many culture and history, I wanted a soul searching. I am still soul-searching, after three years, recently, I have gone back to read my writings and found a piece of interview about me.

One of the questions, a simple question, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?‘ My answers include having my own published book, being married to the one (which by the way, I don’t see a sign of him anywhere), and relocating from Asia. It surprises me a little, perhaps even more than a little, how fast time flies and how much I have changed, my goals and dreams changed.

While I am shaping my goals and dreams to be a better fit to the person I am today, I realize that the key is passion, one can never live without passion. And so I decided that my goal and dreams, myself in five years, is to be passionate about what I do, to be able to wake up everyday, knowing that I am following my passion, and it’s even better if I can also have an extra someone to share that passion with.

About Sabina

Head of Events, PR, and Marketing at Bed Supperclub.

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