Hello, Bangkok. We Meet Again.

So I have disappeared from my own blog for over a month. Not trying to anti-social but just went through a lot of life changing decisions. The major one would be the fact that I decided to move back home after almost two years in the la-la-land of party, socializing, chillin’ and a lot of getting used to the ‘lahs’.

I made incredible friends from all over the world. Done activities which I have never imagined myself doing such as cycling across Singapore and Malaysia with my enthusiastic group of friends who not only inspire me but have put that cycling thought at the back of my head and I really appreciate them for that.

There is quite a fair bit of memory in Singapore and two weeks before I came back, I started to think about the reason why I left Bangkok in the first place. I wanted to discover myself, be somewhere new, get away from old memories in Bangkok and build new one with new people in a new city. I accomplished all of that. I was ready to be home again.

I am ready to start a new adventure in the city that I lived most of my life in. The city that I can blindly drive and still remember all the routes, the shortcuts and where to go at 4am to savour the best Thai food on the street. I realized that now is the time for me to grow in my career, to be stable not for anyone but for myself.

I also came to conclusion when I came back that true friends will stay no matter what and those who don’t, didn’t deserve me in the first place. As my friend said, “It’s time to exclusively hang out with people who loves you for you”. In a city that I call home where I basically know everything, I might just discover things and people that I never knew before. Relationships maybe reconcile, some may be best forgotten but either way, I sense that a new journey has truly begun.

Hello Bangkok, I am ready for you.


Sabina, true Bangkokian at heart

About Sabina

Head of Events, PR, and Marketing at Bed Supperclub.

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