Dear Blog, Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Blog, Bloggers, Fans, and Occasional Readers,

I have been sharing my life in Bangkok and Singapore for the past 4 years. Most of the time, I do it while I’m lying in bed at night just thinking about life, of course.

Today I read some of my old blog posts and realized that my first real blog was on Kaskade party held 4 years ago and a special drink called, “Hello Kitty,” which I might have forgotten if I didn’t blog about it.

It brings me back memories of how much I love to write, write for fun, write for my career, just write. It also helps me realize how I grew as a person, bit by bit. Although, four years later, I’m not exactly sure where I’m headed but I know that I’m heading somewhere full of colours and sunshine.

I hope that whoever reads my old blog posts finds a sense of inspiration because I know I do 🙂 Just wanted to say happy birthday to my tiny little blog!

Four years and coming.


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Head of Events, PR, and Marketing at Bed Supperclub.

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