Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Congratulations on your pregnancy! There is no better time to move your body, connect to your baby & breath than right now whether your pregnancy is natural or through a treatment. With Sabina, you can rest assured that she will guide you to practice healthy movement that you can sustain throughout your pregnancy to prepare your body & mind for birth and for your baby’s arrival.

As Sabina is experienced with pregnant women and in handling emotions, she often applies her intuition and most importantly her heart to guide you to release certain fears about birth and becoming a parent. She may apply Reiki, Crystal Healing & Affirmation as she sees fit as you grow on your pregnancy journey.

The pre & post natal yoga private class is a fixed sequence inspired from a Vinyasa practice that allows you to explore the movement through to the very last phase of your pregnancy. New moms who have just given birth can also practice this safe sequence after 3 months after giving birth, gradually they can move to the regular yoga practice.