A beautiful energy healing originated from Japan to help you balance your body, mind and emotions. Reiki is wonderful for anyone who is looking to improve their health, immune system, release fears, gain understanding and simply put, transform. Sabina’s personal experience with Reiki have been marvelous. She started practicing Reiki in 2013 to help speed up post-surgery recovery, releases anxiety and to shift her mental beliefs. Today, Sabina uses Reiki to heal many men and women including teenagers that walks through her door. Reiki is beneficial for everybody of all age. If you are interested to learn Reiki and practice on your own, you are recommended to visit DNA Bliss for more information for the monthly classes.

Benefits For Pregnant Women & Their Partner

Through Sabina’s experience in teaching pregnant women, she realized there are many fears, worries that arises in mum-to-be and also dad-to-be. Reiki is an amazing tool to help you understand, releases, surrender and even gives a gentle boost of love to your body and baby, releasing the little one’s emotions if it has absorbed any from the environment. Sabina’s desire is to help women trust their body and journey as a mum.

Benefits For Teenagers & Children

Reiki can be used to support teenagers and children as they go through the transition and growth. It can help to release anxiety, eases nightmares, helps them gain confidence and trust. It is also a calming experience over all for teenagers and children to manage stress and get creative with their imagination. Based on Sabina’s personal experience, she also finds that teenagers and children are also drawn to crystals, thus, she would apply them in the sessions.