“I love the way you guide us in class, your voice, tone, words is so soothing that it lets me be in that deep relaxation.” - Studio Practitioner


“Great class as always. I love that your class has some spiritual aspect to it whereas other classes are more focus on physical exercise.” - Studio Practitioner


“Every time I come to your class, I feel like I just got a big hug from the practice.” - Studio Practitioner


“Thank you so much, Sabina. You are an angel sent!” - Nam


“I have been practicing yoga with Sabina for around 6 months now and I have loved every single session. Whether we have a small group, or an individual class – she always supports and guides you fully, allowing you to achieve your best that day. Her classes are highly personalised and leave you feeling calm and at peace with your body and the world!” - Emma


“I fell in love with hatha yoga even before I started this practice and now learning it with my yoga teacher Sabina Ahuja is an absolute treat! She is a fun, loving and supportive instructor that takes yoga into another level. My definition of another level is... showing the importance of our physical body, understanding and actually listening to your own body. We walk through life with our bodies and sometimes not knowing our limits or taking our body for granted. Yoga practice with Sabina brings you back to basics...dive into the yoga poses and how your body, mind and soul flows with each pose. Much like her personality, positive and encouraging, Sabina would bring inspirng theme to the class, sometimes offering can-do affirmations, guided meditations, even incorporating crystals into the private sessions as she sees fit. My yoga journey has just started and thanks to Sabina there is always something new to learn.” - Tina


“Sabina is not your average yoga teacher. She has been practising for years and lives what she practices and teaches. Her sessions - whether group or one on one - are carefully thought through and mindfully executed. What I particularly like is her knowledge of the poses and how they work for us as individuals and why. She takes time to explain, to modify and help you learn - at your own pace, not hers. Having suffered a major injury, Sabina was mindful not to push me too hard and has spent time researching and adapting her routines for me, she has studied carefully how to modify poses for those who cannot do as much as others - she challenges without pushing you beyond your limits. Yoga with Sabina is gentle, restorative and yet makes me feel like I have explored the world in each session. And so with Sabina - I can breathe and feel like I am moving forwards - the very heart of yoga.” - Saima


"I want to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication and patience that Sabina has given me throughout my pregnancy. She has given me thorough training not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. This has allowed me to practice pre natal yoga on my own without her around. I feel blessed and honoured to have taken pre natal yoga course with her. She made me feel comfortable with each and every pose and each and every class. The mantras that she emphasizes every class has and will stay with me forever. I highly recommend Sabina to any expectant moms out there! You will not be disappointed and will emerge a happier mom." - Rashni